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Welcome to GreenBridesmaid.co.uk

Welcome to Green Bridesmaid, here we have all of our beautiful dresses available online, direct from our UK bridal shop in Wrexham shown in green. With over 70 styles to choose from with a great selection of over 100 colours you and your ladies will be spoiled for choice.

J'adore Bridesmaid Dresses

The quality of the J'adore Collection is exceptionally high, and they're confident they cannot be matched on quality and price anywhere online or on the high street. We offer a sample loan service with in store dresses so you can see the quality before you buy. We will send swatches of your favourite greens before your dresses are commissioned with J'adore Bridals, so you know that your dresses will be absolutely perfect in exactly the right shade of green for your big day.

When your dresses arrive you can always come to our bridal shop in Wrexham, North Wales or have them posted to you. Our shop is a family run business and we're fast when replying to your emails. Joy, Jenny and Andy are available to talk to on the shop phone 01978 448382 Tuesday-Saturday between 10:00-4:30 if you have any queries.

20+ Different Greens

J'adore Bridemaid dresses come come in over 100 different colours and are not just limited to green, see all our dresses in different colours on our other popular websites Purple Bridesmaid, Blue Bridesmaid and Pink Bridesmaid. We have around 20 shades of green in each fabric choice; chiffon, satin and taffeta. So regardless of what style of dress you like we should have the exact colour you're after. Just email us on info@jadorebridals.co.uk for a selection of swatches to find the perfect shade of green for your wedding.

Why Green?

This website was made to help brides imagine the dresses in their favourite shades of green. Our brides are always amazed at our collection of green bridesmaid dresses, many stores offer a very small and limited range of green dresses but at our Wrexham store we have quite an extensive collection of styles made in green. Green can be a tricky colour to find the right shade which is why we have so many dresses to show the full colour to our brides, and whether you're after a subtle sage green, fresh mint green, bright lime green or an elegant emerald, we have every shade imaginable for your wedding day.

Green is a wonderful, versatile colour and perfect for weddings in every season. Because it's the base colour for all of nature it will work well throughout the year and it will go nicely with all your floral decorations. Its nice to go with fresh and light greens in the springtime, they work nicely with the springtime buds and new foliage and also look lovely with the blossom outside. In the summer it can be nice to go for a bolder or brighter green, the colours can be so intense in the summer months you'll get away with it. A number of our brides having beach weddings in the summer choose nice, bold greens for their bridesmaids because the golden sand, blue skies and blue sea work lovely with an intense green, or go for a wispy sage for a natural desaturated look along the coast, there isn't a lot of room to go wrong with green at all. In the autumn it's worth dulling your shade down, going for a deeper green, a richer green or a grey/green. Because of the bold colours out there you're going to want something rich to sit amongst the reds and oranges, or you'll want something that's subdued and desaturated which will also sit nicely in the autumn months. During winter you can go for any colour of green you like, you could go for a rich, warm, emerald or hunter, or light, pretty, fresh greens to cast the promise of spring.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Most bridesmaid dress designers charge extra for plus sizes however J'adore promises to keep the price the same regardless of what size your ladies are. The same goes for extra length, if any of your ladies are taller than 5ft 7 it's worth getting the extra length free of charge to make sure it's a good length when your lady has chosen her shoes.

All the J'adore collection are superior quality and are double lined and fully boned dresses. They are fitted styles meaning they are structured to support the wearer rather than elasticated and offering no support or structure. Most dresses will need a bodice intake or dart around the bust for the perfect fit depending on the shape of your bridesmaids, once any required alterations have taken place your ladies should fit the dresses perfectly. They won't have to worry about the dress shifting, gaping or moving during the day, and they won't need to tug or pull the dress up because of the amount of boning and support there is within the bodice.

A lot of our larger bridesmaids decide they want straps for several reasons, the main one being they're worried about "falling out" of the dress or pulling it up constantly. Because of the support and structure of the superior bodice they won't have this problem and the straps on the dresses are for fashion and styling purposes, not for support.

The dresses can come with invisible zips on the back, or a lace back like a corset. It's your choice which you go with, lace backs are very good for ladies who expect to change shape before the wedding. They can also be good to try to avoid bodice alterations, there's no guarantee you won't need alterations to the bodice but because you have the flexibility to tie it looser or tighter you can often avoid alterations. To tie the lace back, you thread the satin strap through the loops and go top to bottom just like a shoelace. Once you have tied it all the way down you can pull it through each loop tighter until your bridesmaid has a fit that is tight but not uncomfortable. Tie the strap in a bow at the bottom and either leave the bow on show or tuck it into the bottom and under the panel of the corset, whichever you prefer. Normally chiffon dresses look nicest with the invisible zips, if you decide to get a lace up back on a chiffon dress try to make sure you don't pull it too tight to avoid rucking the floaty layers around the tie back.

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

It wouldn't be a 21st Century wedding witout one of the following three scenarios.
1. One of your bridesmaids is trying to get pregnant and doesn't know whether she will be pregnant at the time of the wedding.
2. One of your bridesmaids tells you she's pregnant AFTER she's been measured and had the dress commissioned.
3. One of your bridesmaids is due to give birth right before the wedding.

Assuming you've not ordered your bridesmaid dresses yet, our best advice is with your pregnant bridesmaids or new mums to go for comfort first. Go for a nice, comfortable style that will work with their changing body, something they won't feel self conscious in and also don't be offended if she decides at the time of ordering she's not sure she'll be up to it. It'll be a long day for her on her feet, it'll be an emotional journey she's going through, and if she has a newborn baby in tow on the day that will also lead to it's own challenges like breast feeding, being tired, having a crying baby to tend to and trying to keep the dress clean for the photos. An empire line tends to work well with our maternity bridesmaids, one that goes in underneath the bust and flows over the bump. Popular styles that our pregnant ladies have chosen in the past are 15052, 15069 and 15062.

If you've already ordered the dresses and your bridesmaid tells you she's pregnant, first - DON'T PANIC! There are different options we can do to help but it all depends on which dresses you're having, how long there is until your wedding and how pregnant she'll be on the wedding day. You're best giving Joy a call on 01978 448382 and she'll help get everything sorted, so don't worry.

With sizing for our ladies who will be pregnant or about to give birth near the wedding, we normally suggest going up two sizes. It's easier for a seamstress to take a dress down a few sizes then to let it out, so if you have a lady trying to get pregnant it's often the best option to go up two sizes and just take it down depending if she doesn't get pregnant or isn't as far gone as she was expecting to be. Again, if you have a lady who's due to have the baby before the wedding, work out what her term + 10 days is to be 100% sure whether she'll be pregnant or not. If there's a chance she could still be pregnant then go with the bigger size just incase the baby is being stubborn and wants to wait til after the wedding to make his or her appearance.

The dresses usually have a good inch or two in the seams, so a seamstress can let the dress out a bit and make it one size bigger. However a seamstress can normally take a dress down 3-4 sizes quite easily, so it's well worth getting a bigger size and taking it in where you can. If you know one of your bridesmaids is likely to be pregnant around the time of the wedding it's worth buying extra fabric at the time of ordering. It's only £10 per meter, but could be used to make panels or add to the dress if required last minute, and if it doesn't get used you can always use it for your decorations.

How Long Do The Dresses Take?

Our bridesmaid dresses are quicker to make than most designer dresses of the same quality. We normally receive dresses from the designers within 10-12 weeks but they do offer an optional rush cut service which takes 4-6 weeks for just £20 per dress. We do have a good selection of dresses in stock, so if you need dresses faster than 6 weeks give the store a call on 01978 448382 to see if we can help you out.

The dresses come in a variety of styles including long and short lengths. If you want a short dress then don't be put off by the long styles, you can easily ask a seamstress to shorten them to knee length when they get hemmed once your bridesmaids have their shoes ready. A lot of the styles of dresses come with straps, the straps are supposed to be for decoration and style rather than a structural design. A lot of our brides want straps because they want the support from straps for their ladies, but because of the internal structure of the bodice on each dress the straps are not needed. If the dress is adjusted correctly the bridesmaids won't need straps regardless of how busty they are or aren't. Depending on their bust size and shape a local seamstress will often need to do a small intake or dart on the bust, its a small job and will give your ladies the best fit so they won't be pulling on their dresses all day.

Buy With Confidence

J'adore Bridals have been part of one of the leading bridal shops in the UK for 4 years and we are the leading reputable bridal store in the UK for green bridesmaid dresses. You won't be receiving cheap dresses from China when you buy from us, you'll be receiving high quality, designer dresses from a reputable UK bridal shop.

We have helped hundreds of brides and bridesmaids from across the UK and even the world, we've sent dresses as far as America and Australia to our brides. As a family run business we are very proud of our high level of customer service, and pride ourselves on giving our brides a stress-free run up to their special day.

All our dresses are available in over 100 colours so if you're torn between a few different colours just check out our other websites and see if they help you make your mind up. Feel free to print any of the dresses for your mood board or post on Pinterest to help with your planning. Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon!

From the J'adore Bridals team,
Joy, Andy, & Jenny

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